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  • Sample Packaging Design
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2,054 Successful Packaging Projects

Winning Packaging Designer: MDesigns?

Fabric Softener

We need fabric softener. Bottle picture attached for reference. Color of bottle can be proposed as well. Normally bottle is pink and blue color

Winning Packaging Designer: MDesigns?
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Creative packaging Baby packaging Graphic Design packaging Marketing packaging
  • Number of designers 25 designers
  • Number of designs 59 designs
  • Budget US$150
Winning Packaging Designer: Emmanuel Creations

Innovative Alcoholic Beverage Can Design

I need a can design for a beverage called "Aphrodite". It is a beverage with 8% alcohol, classified as “ready-to-drink cocktail”. It is a drink wit...

Winning Packaging Designer: Emmanuel Creations
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Alcohol packaging People packaging Beverage packaging Innovative packaging
  • Number of designers 5 designers
  • Number of designs 10 designs
  • Budget S$220
Winning Packaging Designer: Samar the artist

NutriStations Corp - Gift package design

NutriStations Corp, under the brand Give2Taste, will be launching its first products and need help designing the package. Our products are gift set...

Winning Packaging Designer: Samar the artist
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First packaging Launching packaging Design packaging Elegant packaging
  • Number of designers 5 designers
  • Number of designs 22 designs
  • Budget US$120
Winning Packaging Designer: juanjoseolivieri

Sympathy Gift Supplier needs packaging designs

We provide sympathy/bereavement gifts such as memorial candles and picture frames for those who recently lost a loved one. We need packaging desig...

Winning Packaging Designer: juanjoseolivieri
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Lost packaging Gift Shop packaging Picture packaging
  • Number of designers 16 designers
  • Number of designs 41 designs
  • Budget US$190
Winning Packaging Designer: Jomon 2

Packaging Design for Face Mask Box

We are looking for an attractive but subtle packaging design for Face Masks (for non medical use). 50pcs per box. The brand name should be...

Winning Packaging Designer: Jomon 2
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House packaging Product packaging Design packaging Simple packaging
  • Number of designers 52 designers
  • Number of designs 180 designs
  • Budget US$690
Winning Packaging Designer: RenCan

Window film company looking for a visually appealing box design to ship out products with.

We need a new box design for our window film products. We will provide images of our previous box design as an example. The design we are looking f...

Winning Packaging Designer: RenCan
  • Number of designers 1 designers
  • Number of designs 8 designs
  • Budget US$150
Winning Packaging Designer: arfka

Vitamin C Serum Packaging and Label re-design

Redesign exciting packaging and label re-design naturals Vitamin C 20% E & Hyaluronic Acid PROFESSIONAL Facial Serum 1 fl ...

Winning Packaging Designer: arfka
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Exciting packaging Skin Care Product packaging Professional packaging Vitamin packaging
  • Number of designers 10 designers
  • Number of designs 30 designs
  • Budget US$150
Winning Packaging Designer: sonu parmar

EAT DIRT! Packaging redesign for Dirtballs Energy Bites

We are redesigning our packaging for Dirtballs energy bites, a healthy snack for people who want to build a better world. This brand is about actio...

Winning Packaging Designer: sonu parmar
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Better packaging Dirt packaging Healthy packaging People packaging
  • Number of designers 5 designers
  • Number of designs 18 designs
  • Budget US$120
Winning Packaging Designer: eliska

Wir suchen für unser neues Kakteen Anzuchtset ein 'Eyecatcher Design' (Würfelverpackung)

Wir sind ein eCommerce StartUp aus Deutschland, mit Schwerpunkt Samen, Anzuchtsets und Zubehör. Unsere Zielgruppe findet sich in pflanzenaffin...

Winning Packaging Designer: eliska
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Growing packaging Product packaging Fur packaging Design packaging
  • Number of designers 8 designers
  • Number of designs 23 designs
  • Budget €170
Winning Packaging Designer: Vishal Vishwakarma

An Agro-Processor Needs Packaging Design for Line-Extensions & New Variants

We are a producer of Blossomz dried tropical fruits ( based in Uganda. We have our base variants of dried mango, dried pineapple, d...

Winning Packaging Designer: Vishal Vishwakarma
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Graphic Design packaging Snack packaging Design packaging Line packaging
  • Number of designers 23 designers
  • Number of designs 162 designs
  • Budget US$490

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Packaging Design Q&A

What is custom packaging design and what will I get?

Quality packaging is a crucial part of the whole sales process. From capturing initial interest to displaying key attributes and highlighting directions for correct usage, packaging design has to be attractive but also effective.

Once your project is complete, you'll receive all the files you need to customize and print your packaging. This includes vector files and a web preview file, like a JPG on PNG. Of course, you also get full legal copyright of the design.

Does my business need a custom packaging design?

If you have a product to sell, then yes! Companies put a lot of effort into their packaging designs, and for good reason. For a product to compete on packed shelves it has to stand out in the best possible way.

Wrapping your product in something eye-catching and informative provides a great experience for your customer, and ensures they have a positive perception before they even open it.

How do I get a packaging design from DesignCrowd?

That's easy. Just launch a project, select your own budget, and provide constructive feedback to the packaging designers who submit their ideas from around the world.

Gorgeous packaging design is necessary no matter what industry you're in, and DesignCrowd's diverse community of designers can deliver packaging ideas that fit perfectly with your brand.

What do I need to do to get my own perfect packaging design?

Write a detailed and descriptive brief, telling the designers as much about your product as possible, as well as information about where it will be displayed and what copy needs to be included (ingredients, safety instructions, price etc.).

The more you provide to the creators, the better placed they are to send back the quality designs you want.

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