New 3D (Vector) Logo/Mascot Design

A business in United Arab Emirates needed a mascot design and received 20 Modern, Playful, It Company mascot designs from 8 designers







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This is what a business in United Arab Emirates was looking for in their mascot design

We would like to change our current logo into a 3d logo. The logo should also act like a mascot for our company. The logo/mascot should be adaptable for future marketing campaigns. The winning designer will also be approached to update/change logo.

We are running an event site and our logo (attached) is an honeybee. The new 3D logo/mascot should be created based on the old logo. Please note that we are young, dynamic company and this should be reflected in the logo. Please note the enlarged eyes of the honeybee. This is an characteristic we would like to keep in the new 3D logo design.


As mentioned we would like to use the 3D logo/Mascot in the future for marketing campaigns and we should be able to update/change the mascot/logo to reflect the campaign. Example: For summer events honeybee should wear sunglasses. For business events Honeybee should wear a suit, for holiday events honeybee should carry a suitcase. Read more