Mascot costume design for technology retail store

A business in Australia needed a mascot design and received 65 Modern, Personable, Mobile Communication mascot designs from 27 designers







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This is what a business in Australia was looking for in their mascot design

We are looking for a mascot to be designed that will be used to promote our business on line and made into a costume.
we have 2 target audiences this must appeal to both
A) Mums aged 30-50 they either work part time or not at all with kids aged 4-14 (obviously the kids will be the target for the mascot) so it must look friendly and not scare kids .
B) tradespeople/farmers male aged 25-45 work full time
Target client A v B is about a 50/50 split to who we see in store
BuzzTech has 4 (soon to be 5 locations) mobile phone accessory and repair shops located in rural Victoria Australia, the mascot will be used to make into a costume that will be used to promote our business at local schools, walk through busy shopping centers, the local royal show, public events. To get more of an idea of what we do you can find out us at
any further questions please contact me on

we are looking for either a humanoid bee … Read more