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  • Sample Mascot Design
  • Sample Mascot Design
  • Sample Mascot Design
  • Sample Mascot Design
  • Sample Mascot Design
  • Sample Mascot Design
  • Sample Mascot Design
  • Sample Mascot Design

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133 Successful Mascot Projects

Winning Mascot Designer: Reliable Tech Kolkata

Cute Cartoon Yeti Mascot

Our company (Eighty20 Solutions) are going to introduce a new company mascot. This mascot will mostly be used for internal communications and feat...

Winning Mascot Designer: Reliable Tech Kolkata
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Digital mascots It Company mascots Online mascots Design mascots
  • Number of designers 20 designers
  • Number of designs 25 designs
  • Budget A$190
Winning Mascot Designer: Caramell

B.A.E Gaming needs a mascot character logo

I do video game streaming and I'm looking to have a custom mascot made that would represent "B.A.E Gaming" I was thinking of a cartoo...

Winning Mascot Designer: Caramell
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  • Number of designers 7 designers
  • Number of designs 13 designs
  • Budget US$149
Winning Mascot Designer: SangBlater

Oldschool Devil head

Follow design brief attached

Winning Mascot Designer: SangBlater
  • Number of designers 9 designers
  • Number of designs 29 designs
  • Budget €90
Winning Mascot Designer: Scelatio


Ethicpreneurs as superheros like superman and superwomen. they are very innovatice and ac ethically

Winning Mascot Designer: Scelatio
  • Number of designers 3 designers
  • Number of designs 12 designs
  • Budget €70
Winning Mascot Designer: OliverWangho

Mascot costume design for technology retail store

We are looking for a mascot to be designed that will be used to promote our business on line and made into a costume. we have 2 target audiences th...

Winning Mascot Designer: OliverWangho
  • Number of designers 28 designers
  • Number of designs 69 designs
  • Budget A$380
Winning Mascot Designer: faks

Cute and quirky Teddy Bear 3d model

The mascot is going to be of a teddy bear sitting position all in white, the height is around 70cm and width is around 40 cm (give or take) It sh...

Winning Mascot Designer: faks
  • Number of designers 10 designers
  • Number of designs 34 designs
  • Budget US$190
Winning Mascot Designer: Graphicsexpert

IT Security Awareness lead figure / mascot

Hi, for an lasting security awareness program I would like to have a comic style figure, which can be used in each campaign for "brand recognition...

Winning Mascot Designer: Graphicsexpert
  • Number of designers 4 designers
  • Number of designs 13 designs
  • Budget €195
Winning Mascot Designer: cornel888

New 3D (Vector) Logo/Mascot Design

We would like to change our current logo into a 3d logo. The logo should also act like a mascot for our company. The logo/mascot should be adaptabl...

Winning Mascot Designer: cornel888
  • Number of designers 10 designers
  • Number of designs 24 designs
  • Budget US$320
Winning Mascot Designer: Alexander

Character (Mascot) Design

We need a logo and a mascot (a bear) for a new company based out of Tempe, Arizona, called Bare Necessities . Bare Necessities delivers a 1 months su…

Winning Mascot Designer: Alexander
  • Number of designers 6 designers
  • Number of designs 17 designs
  • Budget US$200
Winning Mascot Designer: Daylite Designs

LLG - Mascot Design

We are in need of a mascot to be designed for implementation on and throughout our website. We are a legal resource based website looking for a warm,…

Winning Mascot Designer: Daylite Designs
  • Number of designers 7 designers
  • Number of designs 18 designs
  • Budget US$430

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