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106,544 Successful Logo Projects

Winning Logo Designer: Trident

Carma Auto Concierge

I would like to purchase a customized version of a design you have previously submitted - http://www.shadyvil.com/design/6401946 Like ...

Winning Logo Designer: Trident
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  • Number of designers 21 designers
  • Number of designs 56 designs
  • Budget US$179
Winning Logo Designer: YAZIKO

Design a Logo for Equine Assisted Counselling & Psychotherapy - Horse & Human Connection

I would like to purchase a customized version of a design you have previously submitted - http://www.shadyvil.com.au/design/9526646 My...

Winning Logo Designer: YAZIKO
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Creative logos Horse logos Mental Health logos Hand logos
  • Number of designers 24 designers
  • Number of designs 118 designs
  • Budget A$120
Winning Logo Designer: agungfaizal

Design a logo for medical aesthetic practice aiming for high-end luxury service

We are a new company providing high-end aesthetic medicine including all facial rejuvenation (botox, dermal fillers, laser treatments etc) and will...

Winning Logo Designer: agungfaizal
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  • Number of designers 64 designers
  • Number of designs 125 designs
  • Budget £210
Winning Logo Designer: graphicbullet4

Electrician Business needs a unique, smart, creative logo design

I need a logo that's creative, unique, smart and maybe aggressive. I'm open for ideas. The company name is ELECTREX so maybe a logo that's incorpor...

Winning Logo Designer: graphicbullet4
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  • Number of designers 91 designers
  • Number of designs 225 designs
  • Budget A$300
Winning Logo Designer: elrola

Spices 24/7 Needs a Logo Design for its full line of Seasonings

We need a logo design for our seasonings line. We would like to see designs that use the color orange. We specialize in vegetarian food seasonin...

Winning Logo Designer: elrola
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  • Number of designers 52 designers
  • Number of designs 93 designs
  • Budget US$150
Winning Logo Designer: DgnWow

International Air Commerce Center

I need a non cartoon version of the attached logo, something with an airplane taking off please.

Winning Logo Designer: DgnWow
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  • Number of designers 41 designers
  • Number of designs 67 designs
  • Budget US$150
Winning Logo Designer: AHMAD 73

Modern Logo for Construction Lender

Update 10/7: I would like to focus future submissions on a single concept to try to flesh out options to this theme: Use the H in "REHAB" to abstr...

Winning Logo Designer: AHMAD 73
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  • Number of designers 101 designers
  • Number of designs 255 designs
  • Budget US$150
Winning Logo Designer: Orion

New Finance Brokering Company needs an amazing logo design*

I need a logo, a letterhead, graphics for magnets, logo for flyers and a logo for a website. This is a new finance brokering business. I need the m...

Winning Logo Designer: Orion
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  • Number of designers 34 designers
  • Number of designs 108 designs
  • Budget A$120
Winning Logo Designer: hixeta

Healthy Food Sales business that needs an unique design

Selling Healthy food, and the name Driftless Food is the name. Driftless is an area that has small hills and want to incorporate hills into it as i...

Winning Logo Designer: hixeta
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  • Number of designers 104 designers
  • Number of designs 279 designs
  • Budget US$450
Winning Logo Designer: Wonderful design

SNABA University Logo for a Study Prep program that will partner with universities

We are wanting a logo designed for an offshoot of our university study prep program. We are going to partner with universities so we want some play...

Winning Logo Designer: Wonderful design
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Baseball logos Partner logos Program logos Study logos
  • Number of designers 21 designers
  • Number of designs 69 designs
  • Budget US$240

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Logo Design Q&A

What is custom logo design and what will I get?

There's no template logos here! Each logo designed by designers on DesignCrowd is customised for your business. Designers interpret your brief and provide logo design concepts that are unique and that you will love.

Once your project is complete, you'll receive all the files you need to use your logo both online and in print. This includes vector files and a web preview file, like a JPG on PNG. Of course, you also get full legal copyright of the design.

Does my business need a custom logo?

Yes! A strong brand identity starts with a great logo design. It's the most important design decisions you will make. No matter how big or small your business dream is, getting a custom logo can put your brand on the path to success.

Your logo design will be used everywhere - on your website, on digital or print documents, in advertisements, and anything else your customers will see - so it's crucial you get it right.

How do I get a logo from DesignCrowd?

Simply launch a project on DesignCrowd, choose your budget and tell us what you need by completing your creative brief.

Collaborate with DesignCrowd's global community of professional designers by providing feedback and find inspirational ideas and eye-catching logos you and your customers will love.

What do I need to do to get the best logo for my business?

Write a clear and detailed logo design brief, set your budget, and provide constructive, direct feedback to designers throughout the creative journey to ensure you get the perfect logo design for you.

The more details you provide in your logo design brief and the more feedback you provide, the better the results!

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  • “I ended up with about 90 proposals from about 35 different designers all over the world! I found the perfect logo, although I had to turn down several top-notch ideas that were almost as good.”

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