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1,160 Successful Label Projects

Winning Label Designer: Shaan 8

NuttyOgoo a new start up looking for packaging design for it's organic Cold pressed Peanut oil.

We require a labelling design for a new company based in the UK called ''NuttyOgoo''. We will be launching Organic cold pressed peanut oil. We wou...

Winning Label Designer: Shaan 8
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Organic labels Oil And Gas labels European labels Oil labels
  • Number of designers 14 designers
  • Number of designs 42 designs
  • Budget £90
Winning Label Designer: SD WEBCREATION

Summit Co. Supplement General Packaging Design

I am looking for a design template to design all of my various supplements and other products around. Meaning that this design should be able to ju...

Winning Label Designer: SD WEBCREATION
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Amazing labels Crisp labels Nutrition labels Professional labels
  • Number of designers 23 designers
  • Number of designs 118 designs
  • Budget US$150
Winning Label Designer: gavin.kroon

Revive (TM) outdoor lifestyle products that maintian vehicles and equipment needs a logo design

We need a logo design for the relaunch of our Revive branded chemical products. Whether its the ride that delivers you to an experience or the rid...

Winning Label Designer: gavin.kroon
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Creative labels Graphic Design labels Lifestyle labels Design labels
  • Number of designers 47 designers
  • Number of designs 130 designs
  • Budget C$300
Winning Label Designer: L L D

Minimalistic and chic product labels required for tea packaging

We need a Label Sticker Design for our tea company that is minimalistic, simple and chic. We have 2 categories of tea: artisan tea (singl...

Winning Label Designer: L L D
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Different labels Graphic Design labels Product labels Artisan labels
  • Number of designers 13 designers
  • Number of designs 31 designs
  • Budget A$150
Winning Label Designer: Imagonarium

Label for natural soft drink / juice

Please see the briefing attached as PDF Required is a label design that adds a frame for a range of different labels linked to a variety o...

Winning Label Designer: Imagonarium
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Different labels Organic labels Sophisticated labels Graphic Design labels
  • Number of designers 18 designers
  • Number of designs 67 designs
  • Budget €190
Winning Label Designer: RenCan

Meditrix Hand Sanitizer - Label Design

hand sanitizer label -the brand is Meditrix, I'm looking to make a hand sanitizer label that will look nice and clean not too fancy with design tha...

Winning Label Designer: RenCan
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Fancy labels Nice labels Graphic Design labels Hand labels
  • Number of designers 29 designers
  • Number of designs 78 designs
  • Budget US$120
Winning Label Designer: Krasimira Georgieva

Polish brewery needs BEER LABEL design for WEDDINGS

We need beer label design for weddings. Our brewery is located on South of Poland and it is called Projekt Bunkier [PL]/Project Bunker [ENG]. We f...

Winning Label Designer: Krasimira Georgieva
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Creative labels Beer labels Polish labels Design labels
  • Number of designers 16 designers
  • Number of designs 45 designs
  • Budget €190
Winning Label Designer: artgroup 48

Product design for super-food protein snacks

We need a design for our company that makes super-food protein balls. Our initial design needs to be minimal and cater to kids and adults of all a...

Winning Label Designer: artgroup 48
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Super labels Product labels Design labels Initial labels
  • Number of designers 10 designers
  • Number of designs 33 designs
  • Budget US$110
Winning Label Designer: D&N



Winning Label Designer: D&N
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  • Number of designers 33 designers
  • Number of designs 71 designs
  • Budget A$300
Winning Label Designer: hektorsty

Modern Retail Coffee Label for established Roastery! 17 years!

We are looking for a Retail Coffee Bag Label... JUST THE LABEL TO GO ON AN EXISTING BAG. Our current label is provided and our Logo.. we have had t...

Winning Label Designer: hektorsty
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Coffee labels Graphic Design labels Product labels Meatpacking labels
  • Number of designers 22 designers
  • Number of designs 60 designs
  • Budget US$150

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Label Design Q&A

What is custom label design and what will I get?

The power of a label is it can say everything about your product in the blink of an eye. It sets its price point, describes its contents, and generates excitement within seconds of catching the customer's attention.

Once your project is complete, you'll receive all the files you need to print off your label design and place it on your products. This includes vector files and a web preview file, like a JPG on PNG. Of course, you also get full legal copyright of the design.

Does my business need a custom label design?

If you're selling something, you sure do! A custom label design goes a long way towards the success of your business in a crowded market.

Ensure your product flies of the shelves with a stunning label design that speaks to your brand, entices customers, and says everything about the quality of your product before it's even opened.

How do I get a label design from DesignCrowd?

Launch a project for your label, select your own budget, and work directly with designers to generate unique ideas from all over the world.

DesignCrowd's professional designers will ensure your label design incorporates the colours, graphics, and typography that fits every aspect of your brand

What do I need to do to get my own attention-grabbing label design?

Write a detailed brief describing your product, where it will be displayed, and the key elements you want to highlight to customers.

Bringing all the elements together in an attractive label design will make the eventual job of selling your product a lot easier.

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