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Recent Crowdsourced Design Projects

Winning Graphic Designer: MNM
Graphic Design

Book Cover and Back

I'm looking for an artist with vibrant art to make the cover and back of my book covers.

Winning Graphic Designer: MNM
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  • Number of designers 4 designers
  • Number of designs 15 designs
  • Budget US$100
Winning Logo Designer: wpldesigns
Logo Design

Bold Logo for "Elite Blasting and Coatings"

I need a logo designed for a company in Austin, Tx. The name of the company is "Elite Blasting and Coatings"The company uses a dustless blaster or ...

Winning Logo Designer: wpldesigns
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  • Number of designers 36 designers
  • Number of designs 71 designs
  • Budget US$110
Winning Character Designer: Ganna Garmatiy
Character Design

Tradesman character for plumbing company.

We are looking for a custom image to add to all of our artwork. We currently have a man that was bought on shutter stock and unfortunately is popul...

Winning Character Designer: Ganna Garmatiy
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  • Number of designers 20 designers
  • Number of designs 23 designs
  • Budget A$110
Winning T-shirt Designer: Andi Yan
T-shirt Design

Retro Bold designer trucking shirt for merchandise

Doing a t-shirt for a company promo truck called big red Business Name - Northside Diesel (need a EST 2009) with front logo as per attache...

Winning T-shirt Designer: Andi Yan
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Back t-shirts Big t-shirts Bold t-shirts Red t-shirts
  • Number of designers 17 designers
  • Number of designs 26 designs
  • Budget A$110
Winning Packaging Designer: Mohammed Tharick Razeel Hassan 2
Packaging Design


Need design for 10 kg pack for adult dog 6-7 colours

Winning Packaging Designer: Mohammed Tharick Razeel Hassan 2
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Graphic Design packaging Meatpacking packaging Design packaging Dog packaging
  • Number of designers 7 designers
  • Number of designs 16 designs
  • Budget €195
Winning Icon Designer: cristinaDPI
Icon Design

The Piggy Bank icon, but for Aging

We know the piggy bank is the icon for money saving. But what about a recognizable icon for aging? This is not an icon for an app, a piec...

Winning Icon Designer: cristinaDPI
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  • Number of designers 12 designers
  • Number of designs 68 designs
  • Budget US$300
Winning Tattoo Designer: Omelas
Tattoo Design

Tropical island and underwater Scene inside opposing Triangles

For back of upper arm, two triangles shape. The top one is a scenic beach view and the bottom an underwater view. Grayscale preferred but open to a...

Winning Tattoo Designer: Omelas
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  • Number of designers 10 designers
  • Number of designs 13 designs
  • Budget US$100
Winning Flyer Designer: ZETA
Flyer Design

Company profile flyer

I need a company profile page to go with the flyer we have which I have uploaded. I need the 2 pages to match the style of the flyer but leave a s...

Winning Flyer Designer: ZETA
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  • Number of designers 4 designers
  • Number of designs 5 designs
  • Budget A$110
Winning Illustration Designer: wall-jamboree
Illustration Design

Five illustrations as a series

We need a series of five illustrations on a web page to elaborate advantages of our product. We have supplied the related scenes in words as attac...

Winning Illustration Designer: wall-jamboree
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  • Number of designers 11 designers
  • Number of designs 47 designs
  • Budget NZ$290
Winning CD Cover Designer: ChvsDesign
CD Cover Design

Album artwork & Logo for debut album “Anachronistic Subsequent” by “Random Knobhead”

Update: Tweaking final version of designs. If you have not already submitted please do not submit further designs as these will be overlooked. Than...

Winning CD Cover Designer: ChvsDesign
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  • Number of designers 11 designers
  • Number of designs 64 designs
  • Budget A$190

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