Little Toby had a rough start to life. Lucky for him, his mum Kristy was prepared to do anything for him. In fact, she already has. At nine months of age, Toby suffered what no child should have to go through- he had a paediatric stroke.

Kristy and Toby
Kristy and Toby 1

It is a stroke in every sense of the word, it just means that the person is under 5 years of age. (It is incredibly rare, only affecting around 2 in every 100,000 children)1. It was a harrowing hospital trip and proceeding weeks, but Toby thankfully survived the stroke. Then Kristy and Toby started to assess the road ahead and boy it was going to be tough - thousands of hours of rehabilitation to build up strength in his left side, which had been weakened by the stroke.

Little Toby’s Eczema story

Thankfully, now at age 5, Toby has nearly the same strength in his left side as his right – it is only a ‘trained eye’ who can detect the minute differences. As anyone with a strong-willed little toddler can attest, getting them to do what is ‘best for them’ is often a challenge (!) so one of the ways Kristy was able to coax this little rebellious human into doing his rehab exercises was to get him into the local swimming pool.

Toby has always loved going to the pool – but the devastating side-effect of his swim sessions was that his eczema became incredibly severe – which often left Toby in hospital (again).

Little Toby’s Eczema story 2

So Kristy took little Toby and consulted doctors, pharmacists and naturopaths in her attempt to find treatments for Toby’s eczema. Nothing worked. Toby ended up back in hospital (again).

Kristy tried everything and spent thousands of dollars on ineffective treatments.

Eventually Kristy found something that helped keep Toby’s eczema symptoms completely at bay. Look at him now!!

Kristy and Toby 2

Little Toby’s Eczema story 3

Watch the video here to see how far Toby has come. We love Kristy and Toby’s story because there is so much love for her little boy.


Kristy and Toby love: Intensive Eczema & Psoriasis Balm. "It actually works! It's cost effective and we can easily get it from our local chemist. This is the best product I have ever tried" Toby tells us. "I put the Eczema & Psoriasis Balm on everyday."

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