The idea of IVF didn't seem to make much practical sense to Katie and her partner, Carlos. "I think once you're in your 40's the numbers really're talking 3-7% success rate and then 30% to full term."


After watching so many of her friends struggle through the process, Katie and Carlos took a different route and decided to try an egg donor, promptly booking a trip to Europe. She laughs as she describes the experience. "It's kind of like having three parents... if you can get your head around that!"

Katie now has two gorgeous twins, Iggy and Lucy, and a new attitude towards motherhood. "Something changes in you, I don’t know what it is. You soften"

Katie's best piece of advice?

"The financial costs of having a baby don't need to be as high as everyone makes out.

makes out. There’s so many costs and so many things that you’re told you 'need' to buy,"

Rather than buying a baby monitor, Katie always makes sure they are close enough for her to hear them cry. "You’ve just got to be relaxed because I think children really feel stress," she says.

Katie also practices the 4-4-8 Pranayama breathing technique to calm Iggy and Lucy. It involves inhaling for four paces, holding your breath for another four, and then slowly exhaling for eight seconds. "I think there's a lot in movement, breath and strength. [The babies] feel my calm, and they calm, which is really astonishing."

Despite going to somewhat extreme lengths to have her children, when Iggy and Lucy's skin becomes irritated or rough, Katie keeps it simple. Billie Goat's Eczema & Psoriasis Balm nourishes their skin ("It's been very good! Very very good,") and she will go for regular olive oil from her pantry. "I keep it pretty minimal. I focus on doing what I feel is right, because I believe that I innately know what's right for my kids."

Katie recommends: Billie Goat Eczema & Psoriasis Balm.

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