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Aussie Fauna needed a BigCommerce design and received 18 Playful, Modern, Pet Shop BigCommerce designs from 5 designers







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This is what Aussie Fauna was looking for in their BigCommerce design

Website design for Bigcommerce website and shopping cart. Detailed description in the word file attachment along with web content. Aussie Fauna is an Australian based company that produces silkworms and provides silkworm food to be used as feeder insects for pet reptiles, frogs, tarantulas, fish, and insect eating mammals.

The website has a total of 8 pages including the home page, nutritional info on silkworms, benefits of silkworms, care of silkworms, shopping cart, FAQ, shipping/terms,contact us.

In regards to design that I am looking for. Please look at the sample of websites provided below…I think it is better to show you examples of websites that I like and give you an idea of what I am after. I like the effect of white background and accenting green colour scheme. I do like classic look with hints of funny/personal/funky touches.
To give you an example of a website what I think is plain and simple yet has that funny/personal/funky touches that I like: http://www.nakedwines.… Read more